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AWMII and Seaview Poetry Club Visit Community Secondary School Obonoma, Shares Sanitary Pads

Nov. 17, 2022

AWMII prioritises education in her projects and finds every opportunity to help, be in community or public schools.

AWMII and Seaview Poetry Club of Port Harcourt jointly visited Community Secondary School Obonoma, Obonoma, Kalabari Kingdom of Rivers State, Nigeria. While Seaview Poetry had a session on poetry and literature, and setting up a school club, AWMII used the opportunity to hand out sanitary pads to female students, both junior (in green) and senior (in red) students.

We believe this gesture helps girls meet their needs as they go through their menstrual cycle, especially in rural communities where they could hardly afford sanitary pads.

Lack of sanitary pads is connected to school dropouts and unwanted pregnancies. Hence, its provision helps keep girls in school and provides equal education opportunities for all.